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21st August 2019
The enormous showing of everyone’s love and appreciation of Joe and his incomparable talent and genius over the days since he passed on 3r...

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21st August 2019
I have known Joe for a very long time. He’s the ultimate come back kid and I find it very hard to even say the word WAS and put a full...

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We are very pleased to bring you this great news on Joe this evening.

Two weeks ago, following a routine check up , his consultant found a tiny suspicious cyst in his mouth. Joe underwent a biopsy and has been waiting since then for the results.

Today he has returned for his results and the good news is that the tests have come back showing that the cyst is not cancerous and harmless and is something which can follow on from the extensive radiotherapy treatment he received for mouth cancer 4 years ago.

As you will all imagine, Joe was extremely relieved and pleased to receive the good news and wishes to express his sincere thanks once again to Mr Akhtar and his team at The Royal Preston Hospital.

Joe would also like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who have sent in their best wishes and showed their care and concern for him during this difficult couple of weeks. He is deeply appreciative of your continuing love and support. He’s now preparing for the concerts this week at Cannock,Retford, Workington and Falkirk and looks forward to seeing everyone there.